How to Choose Replacement Windows

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Replacement windows
Are you choosing the right replacement windows for your home?

Whether you have lived in your home for twenty years and mulling over a window replacement or looking to spruce up your brand new home with new windows, choosing the right replacement windows for your home is incredibly important. Windows don’t just frame your home, they are responsible for lowering your energy costs, reducing drafts, and reducing outdoor noise. How can you choose the right replacement windows for your home?

Think About Where You Live

Consider your local weather and climate when choosing replacement windows for your home. Does your home get lots of strong gusts of wind all spring, summer, fall, and winter (okay, all year) long? Do you experience huge shifts in temperature throughout the year? Keep in mind what your windows will experience in terms of temperature and weather when selecting replacement windows so that they will be up to keeping out snow or surviving hundred degree temperatures.

Don’t Just Look at the Price Tag

Many homeowners assume that the most expensive options are the best and that the cheapest options are the worst. That isn’t true when it comes to selecting replacement windows for your home. Some of the most expensive windows are beautiful and work well, but they aren’t designed for keeping out moisture or cold air. Other cheap windows work excellently when it comes to keeping out snowflakes and blocking drafts but don’t hold up well to humidity. Make sure that you take all aspects of how you use your windows and where you live into account when selecting replacement windows.

Understand Window Numbers

There are many ratings and numbers tossed around when window shopping, including U-factors, solar heat gain coefficients, and visible transmittance. Here is a quick breakdown of what they mean for your replacement windows:

  • U-factor—This value ranges from 0.20 to 1.20. The lower the number, the better the window keeps heat from leaking out.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient—This value is between 0 and 1 and represents how well the window can block heat from the sun.
  • Visible transmittance—This value is between 0 and 1. The lower the number, the less visible light the window lets in.

Get Beautiful New Replacement Windows from Chandler Remodeling

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