What to Consider When Choosing Custom Front Doors

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Thinking of replacing your front door with a custom design? Here are a few ideas to get started.  Let Chandler Remodeling help with you Custom Front Door.

Custom Front Door

Custom front doors can be an aesthetic upgrade and they also serve a practical purpose. If you need to replace your front door and standard doors won’t fit, you’ll need to choose a custom door.

Whether you’re choosing custom front doors for their artistic appeal or necessity, you can have fun with the design. When it comes time to install your custom door, make sure you choose a contractor who specializes in door installation and will make certain the door fits perfectly in its frame.

Windows and Decorative Glass

Windows and decorative glass brighten your home’s entry. Choosing a door with windows doesn’t mean you have to give up privacy. Stained and other decorative glass obscure the view into your home while still allowing some light through.

The shape and design of the window are limitless. Square, oval, or rectangular door windows are a good choice for craftsman, colonial, and old world styles. Contemporary styles favor geometric patterns with square and rectangular windows.

Newly installed windows are energy efficient so don’t let concerns about conserving energy deter you from choosing glass for your custom front door.

Hardware and Decorative Accents

When choosing door handles, you’ll want to take both style and security into consideration. A deadbolt provides a lot of security over a basic lock. From there, you can upgrade to a Smart deadbolt or keypad.

For an old world look, a Hinge Strap, Speakeasy, and Clavos are small accents that go a long way in creating a rustic look. These pair well with fiberglass doors designed to look like hardwood.

Pet Doors and Mail Slots

These practical additions can be visually appealing when done well. Choose a metal that matches with your door handle to pull the pieces together. A pet door should have a lock or some other way to ensure your home is secure when you’re out of town.

Paint or Stain

Brightly painted doors have been in favor for the past few years. A bright red, green, or purple door installed on a home with neutral colors provides a splash of color without being overwhelming. If you prefer a natural look, a neutral stain may be the best fit for your home.  

Are you considering upgrading your home with custom front doors? Our team of professionals specializes in door installation. Contact us to get your project started.