Early Fall Maintenance Tips

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How can you take advantage of early fall to knock out your fall maintenance?  Make sure you reach out to Chandler Remodeling for help todayAs the weather gets chillier, your iced coffee is traded for hot coffee, and you find yourself reaching for your jacket in the morning, it can be easy to forget that early fall isn’t all about watching the leaves turn! By preparing your yard for fall and winter now, you can enjoy a fall free of extra maintenance. How can you take advantage of early fall to knock out your fall maintenance?


Interior Fall Maintenance

Whenever you are doing maintenance, the first step should be checking all of your life-saving safety devices to make sure that they have their batteries changed and are working properly. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should be tested to make sure they are in working condition to keep your family safe. Furnace maintenance is another important thing to tackle during early fall, as the best time to fix a furnace is before you notice that it isn’t working. Schedule a check-up for your furnace as part of your fall maintenance to make sure the heat is working when you need it.


Exterior Fall Maintenance

Exterior fall maintenance is very important, as winter follows right on the heels of fall! Your roof is crucial in the winter, as it keeps the snow and ice out of your house and the warm air inside of your house. Using a ladder, check your roof for any loose shingles or areas in need of repair. Check your gutters to see whether they are clogged or in need of repair. Even though the leaves haven’t fallen yet, so they’ll need another cleaning soon, early fall is a great time to tackle gutter repairs before they are subjected to snow and ice.


Take a walk around your yard and look at your landscaping. Are there dead or dying branches or limbs on any trees? Pay special attention to trees that are close to your home, as any fallen limbs from them could cause a lot of damage to your roof or deck. Take care of these before they have to survive the winds or snow of late fall and winter.


We Can Protect Your Home Through Brand New Soffit

Whether you are trying to get help with your basic fall maintenance or need someone else to tackle a big residential project, Chandler Remodeling can help. With our excellent installation, it’ll be the best investment you’ve made in your home. Contact us online, by calling 410-628-2214, or email us for a free estimate and assessment of your needs. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to meeting your remodeling needs for years to come! To see examples of our work and get information on specials, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Houzz.