4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Exterior Doors

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Is your front door looking weathered? Here are 4 things to consider before front door replacement. Let Chandler help you today.If you’re considering a new front door, the good news is this project offers a great ROI – beating out new decks and minor kitchen remodels. When is it time to replace a front door? That depends on a few factors including energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal.

A few of these problems are fixable without replacing the entire door. But, if the following list is the perfect description of your front door, the time has come to replace it and a professional door contractor will make sure it’s done right.

1) It’s Hard to Close Your Front Door on Humid Days

Wood contracts and expands with the changing weather. In wet weather, it may be hard to close your door securely. In dry weather, air is probably leaking out taking a toll on your energy efficiency.

2) You Can See Daylight Even Though Your Door is Windowless

Over time, your home shifts and the door may not fit as well in its frame. If you see daylight around the corners, air is leaking out as well. A properly fitting door will fix the problem.

3) You can Gauge the Outdoor Temperature by Touching Your Front Door

Do you touch your front door to get a sense of the outside temperature? If so, it’s not energy efficient and your utility bill will reflect this.

4) Your Front Door Looks Worn Out

If the steel is dented beyond repair or the wood is warped and rotting, a new door will be a major improvement for the look of your home. Relative to other home projects, a new door gives a significant facelift to your home’s exterior without costing as much as other home renovations.

Minor dents in steel doors can be repaired by sanding, applying auto filler, and repainting. This may be a beneficial repair if your door doesn’t have any other issues.

Benefits of a New Front Door

If you’re replacing an old door, you’ll find new doors provide improved security and energy efficiency. Steel provides the highest level of security – not only from intruders but also from fire and moisture. If you’re replacing a significantly older door, you’ll also appreciate the increased energy efficiency.

Thinking of replacing your front door? We specialize in front door replacement and will ensure the job is done right. Contact us to get your project started.