The Benefits of Choosing Glass Doors

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Considering glass doors for your home but worried about energy efficiency? Improved energy efficiency is just one of the reasons we love glass doors. Glass doors brighten a room with natural light and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

In years past, the downside to glass doors was the loss of energy efficiency. The newest glass doors have been designed with energy efficiency as a top priority. If you feel a draft coming from your glass doors, let us upgrade your home with new, energy efficient glass doors.

Patio Doors: Swing, and French Patio Doors Provide Elegance and a Beautiful View

Glass doors are popular for patios and balconies because they create an airy feel and easy access to the outdoors. Swing (also called hinged doors) and French doors are a good choice where space is less of a concern.

When installing new doors, you’ll have the option of choosing in-swing or out-swing. To save space on a balcony, many choose in-swing doors that leave space for a chair or bench on the balcony. If indoor space is limited, out-swing doors optimize available space.

Sliding Glass Doors Save Space while Letting the light In

Sliding glass doors create a sense of space and allow natural light to brighten a room. They’re perfect for condominiums and small homes. Add a screen door and keep them open in the evening to allow air flow without insects.

Glass Front Doors – Beautiful Artistry, Natural Light, and Privacy

Choosing a glass front door opens up a world of possibility with decorative glass. The glass brightens the front of your home and allows natural light in the entry. It sparkles in the glow of a porch light or holiday lights for a warm welcome.

Choosing glass doesn’t mean you have to give up security or privacy. Decorative glass can obscure the view into your home. The sturdy glass used for doors is a secure choice for your home’s entrance.

Glass Doors – Enhanced Energy Efficiency                                                                           

One of the biggest concerns with glass door is energy efficiency. The thermal performance of modern glass doors far exceeds the performance of single pane glass doors from years ago. With dual panes, protective coatings, weather stripping etc. a new glass door won’t be an energy drain. You can enjoy a beautiful view through out the year with an energy efficient glass door.

Are you considering upgrading your home with glass doors? Contact us to discuss the project with one of our professional door representatives.