How Attic Insulation Can Cut Your Energy Costs

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Attic insulation
Attic insulation can help keep your home cool this summer.

Insulation decreases the amount of heat that seeps out through a surface like a wall, duct, roof, or attic. If your home is well insulated, warm air isn’t pouring out of the house during the winter and your precious air conditioning isn’t escaping out the door in the summer. The better your home is insulated, the less you’ll need to use your heating and air conditioning units, and the less you’ll be paying on your monthly energy costs. Attic insulation is a great way to reduce your energy costs for years to come.

Insulating Your Attic

The outside of your home is the barrier that stops the temperature inside of your house from being the same temperature outside of your house. The better your insulation is, the less energy you are using to heat and cool the air circulating in your home. Insulating your attic is especially important during the winter, as heat rises. The quality of your roof also affects how well your attic insulation will work for you, so be sure it’s in good shape.

Stopping the Leaks

Even if your attic or walls already have good quality insulation, warm or cold air can still seep through cracks and gaps around any windows, doors, or other openings. If your home is drafty, your energy costs are undoubtedly higher than they need to be (and should be!). Try caulking and weather-stripping your home to stop wasting the air you’re paying to cool or heat. Even the smallest window or skylight in your attic that isn’t properly insulated and sealed could be adding up to a lot of wasted energy.

Don’t Forget Your Ducts

If your home has central air conditioning and heating units that put out air through a duct system, leaky ducts can lower the efficiency of your units by up to 20%. Make sure that all of the ducts in your home are sealed and insulated so that a leaky duct doesn’t run up your energy costs.

Reflective Insulation

Typical insulation physically blocks heat or cool from entering or leaving a space. Reflective insulation, on the other hand, is installed on the floor of your attic and it reflects the heat that enters your attic through the roof and prevents it from entering your home below. It may make a small dent in your energy costs, but reflective attic insulation is primarily used to keep houses in hot climates from feeling too warm.

Ready for Attic Insulation and Energy Cost Savings?

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or an update, talk to one of our experts at Chandler Remodeling about attic insulation for your home. With our excellent installation, it’ll be the best investment you’ve made in your home. Contact us online, by calling 410-628-2214, or email us for a free estimate and assessment of your needs. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to meeting your remodeling needs for years to come! To see examples of our work and get information on specials, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Houzz.