Traditional Versus Insulated Vinyl Siding

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What is the difference between hollow vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding? Let’s take a look at these siding options. For more on siding, call us today.According to the NAHB, vinyl siding is used on 32 percent of new homes starting in 2012. This makes it to most commonly used exterior cladding on new-home construction. Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive compared to other siding materials and has low maintenance needs. But what is the difference between hollow vinyl siding and insulated siding? Let’s take a look at these siding options.


Traditional Vinyl Siding

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl siding is the built-in drainage plane. Unlike other siding options, vinyl siding has overhanging channels that allow water to simply flow away from your home. This siding comes in nearly 325 colors, giving your home the look you have always wanted. Traditional vinyl siding also comes with the option to mimic other siding options like wood-grain, shakes, and shingles for the ultimate customization. The installation process for traditional siding is very straightforward and easily attached to your home. But this siding does have its drawbacks. This siding is less resistant to impacts than other options. If a branch or rock hits your siding, you may notice a crack or dent in the material. It can also appear wavy if it is loose or installed incorrectly. And finally, this siding may rattle or make other noises if your area experiences high winds.


Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding is relatively new to the siding options. Introduced in 1997, insulated siding is a great option for your home. These panels of siding are reinforced with a foam-core backed that is laminated to the sheet. Unlike traditional vinyl siding, this siding actually appears straight instead of wavy. It is also resistant to damage from hazards like hail and baseballs, making it perfect for any home. Insulated siding will not only keep your home at the perfect temperature, it will also help to reduce outside noise and reduce thermal bridging. With a world focused on energy efficiency, it makes it a perfect option for every home. But even this siding isn’t perfect. Insulated vinyl siding should only be installed by a professional because it is hard to install perfectly. This siding is also more expensive than traditional vinyl because of its energy efficiency and many benefits.


What kind of siding will you show for your home? Insulated or traditional? For more information on installed vinyl siding for your home, call Chandler Remodeling today!


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