The Best Cabinet Finishes for Baltimore Homes

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Kitchen Cabinets are a great way to personalize your kitchen and make it your own. Get started today by understanding Kitchen Cabinet Finishes!Top Cabinet Finishes Available For Kitchen Remodeling In Baltimore

Cabinet finishes are a great way to personalize your kitchen and make it your own. You can do a custom finish or a factory-applied finish because manufactured cabinets are available in both. Semi-custom cabinetry offers a wide selection of finishes and paint colors. Custom finishes are usually hand applied or rolled with the color and finish of your choice and then topped with a varnish.

So what are the top trends in cabinets? Kitchens seem to go through fads, and know what the current styles are may help you decide which you would like to choose. There are several colors and styles to choose from, and we will outline some color trends along with some other trends that may influence your color choices.

Light And Simple

White and off-white creates a light and bright kitchen. It also has a clean look and is classic and timeless. Cabinets in various shades of white appear in cottage traditional and modern kitchens.

Bold And Black

On the opposite side of the spectrum, black will be another big color choice this year. It’s classic and sophisticated, and can be enhanced with any color. You can choose black cabinets or counter to give your kitchen that rich look.

Tribal-Inspired Tones

Not a fan of white or black and want to add a spice of color? Vibrant, bright colors are making a comeback in the kitchen, including colors such as red, lime green and bright blues.

Antique, French Country-Inspired

Antiqued cabinets are hand-rubbed for added character, allowing cabinetry to appear aged and worn. Cabinets may be distressed through a variety of techniques, which score the wood’s surface to add age and a weathered rustic appeal. Paint has a heavy pigment that will not show the wood’s grain.

Mixing It Up

A cabinet or island in a different color or stain breaks up the uniform look of cabinets to become a centerpiece. Examples include all white cabinets with and island featuring black cabinets for a rich, modern appeal. You can do the same with different color cabinets on the top and on the bottom.

Other Cabinet Touches Besides Color

In addition to the various colors and stains available, there are other trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Glass Front Cabinets

You can create a display piece for all your beautiful dishes or glassware and give your eyes a break from all the cabinets. Add just a few glass doors to create a light and fresh look.

Open Shelves

Kitchens are not just bearing all closed in cabinets, which is evident by the trend in glass-front cabinets and open shelves. Add open shelving to display your dishes and glassware. It will give your kitchen an airy, open look synthroid 100 mcg.

Colorful Accents

You can do this if you choose glass-front cabinets, open shelving cabinets or even just the interiors of your cabinets. Choose a bold color in either wallpaper or bright paint to give that area a pop of color. It will create a high-impact and another eye-catching design.


Cabinet styles of today can include finishing touches once used for furniture. Add carvings, cutouts, and moldings to make a cabinet stand out. You can also add under-counter corbels, fancy feet and arched openings for a focal point.


Along with the popularity of natural marble and granite, wood will trend to its natural form rather than the smooth, high-gloss finishes. The cabinets will be more textured and tactile.

If you are playing with the idea of updating your kitchen, think about how you want to improve your set-up along with what you want it to look like. Browse several kitchens and get an idea of which trends you like along with colors and layouts. If you are going to try a bold color, you may want to do a sample first to see if you like it and how the stain or paint will dry.