How to Choose Home Remodelers

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Thinking about starting off spring with a remodeling project? Get started with our guide to choosing a quality home remodeler.Quality Home Remodeler

With spring on the way, you may be gearing up to tackle those home projects you’ve been thinking about all winter. While you’ll be making a lot of decisions about the scope of the project and the style of your home, one of the most importance decisions you’ll make is the person you hire to do the job.

Take a little time to research candidates before signing a contract. The time taken to research and interview a remodeler will pay off when your project is completed on schedule and you’re getting quality advice each step of the way.

Determine What Type of Remodeler You Need

There are several different types of home remodelers in the market, and choosing the wrong one could end up costing you money. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) provides a list of the different types of remodelers along with descriptions of each. Determine the scope of your project and find someone who specializes in the area you want to have remodeled.

Do the Research

Taking the time to research your candidates will pay off in the long run. Your research should include:

  • Referrals: Start your research by asking people for recommendations and make a list of candidates.
  • Verify credentials: Check their scores on the Better Business Bureau and ask about their licenses and insurance.
  • Interview the candidates: Ask your candidates about their experience with the job you need them to do and how they would go about completing the project.
  • Get pictures of completed projects: A remodeler should be able to provide pictures of completed projects. You can also ask to speak with some of their past customers and ask about their experience.

Sign a Contract

Once you’ve decided on a home remodeler, get a contract written up. The pricing, timeline, and payments should be included along with all the terms. Make sure the contract is fair and looks professional.

Once you’ve hired a vetted contractor, you can start the fun part – picking out designs for your remodel. Your contractor will make sure the project stays on schedule and is done right the first time.

Thinking about a remodeling project this spring? Contact us to hire a professional home remodeler.