Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

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Leaks are just one problem that could be caused by a damaged roof. Here are some ways to determine if your home needs a roof replacement or repair. When your roof starts dripping during a summer downpour, your first thought may be panic at the cost and time it will take to install a new roof. Leaks can come from many different roofing issues, but your leak may require a repair instead of a full roof replacement. Here are some ways to determine whether or not you are looking at a roof repair or an entirely new roof.



How old is your roof? The average roof lasts somewhere between 20 and 25 years, depending on the quality of installation and maintenance. If your home’s roof was installed over another and is close to 20 years old, it is time to call a professional to see if you need a new roof and get advice on when to expect to need a new roof if you aren’t there yet.



Your shingles are excellent indicators of your roof’s health. If shingles are curled or buckling, you could be due for a new roof. Pay attention to the spots on your roof that get direct sunlight and see if any shingles are curling or losing granules. This is an indicator that they are passing their life expectancy or that the roof could be improperly installed or defective. If any shingles are missing, that’s another sign that your roof could be failing to give your home the protection it needs.



Examine the valleys of your roof. If shingles are falling apart or completely gone in these areas, you definitely need a new roof. Valleys are important because snow, rain, weather, and other debris flow through the valleys into the gutters lining your roof. If the valleys are not in good working order, your rook could be leaking (or getting ready to start).



Check out your chimney flashing. If it is made of roof cement or tar, you may want to replace it with a longer-lasting watertight metal flashing system to ensure your roof stays in top condition.


Ready for Repair or a New Roof?

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