New York Home Improvement on a Baltimore Budget

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Are you looking to update your home without breaking the bank? Read up on these simple home improvements to update your home today!Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Not every worthwhile upgrade requires years of savings. These ideas will enhance your home without breaking your bank account. Smaller projects can add instant curb appeal, spruce up your home and come with a manageable price.

Most of these projects can be done over the weekend, and will cost you less than you think.

Update Lighting

Modern lighting can make any room look larger and warmer, so it’s time to switch out those old fixtures and replace with new energy efficient models. You can find stylish replacements at any home improvement store and update to the latest lighting trends, such as bronze, copper and nickel. Chandeliers in attractive metals and designs change the look and feel of a room more than you can imagine.

Paint A Room

Add a new splash of color with a fresh coat of paint. Nothing brightens up or changes the feel of a room more than a fresh coat of paint. After you remove your furniture and tape the wood trim, lay down your drop cloths and go to town. Use a paintbrush for the cutting in (i.e. the perimeters) and then use rollers for a smooth even application. You will most likely need a second coat. There are now paints available that also include a primer.

Update Knobs

This is one project that shows little details can make all the difference. Get rid of the pulls in the kitchen and remove decayed-looking switch plate covers. Don’t forget any rusted hinges on your kitchen cabinets. You can use all the same finish with a brushed nickel or bronze.

Liven Up Your Entrance

Improve the look of your home from the street and make it more attractive. Curb appeal can be instantly enhanced with the addition of a new door. You can try a new solid wood door or update the existing door with paint and handles.

If your door is still in good shape, try potted plants, a new exterior light or new house numbers to add instant charm.

Re-Caulk Your Bathroom

The caulk in your bathroom often cracks and breaks away over time. You should re-caulk to prevent water from seeping through the cracks and causing water damage. Cut off or slick away the old cracking caulk with a scraper. Clean the area to remove the old residue. Apply fresh caulk with a caulk gun. Make sure you let the caulk dry for 24 hours before using your tub or shower. This will also give your bathroom some new clean lines.

Paint Your Cabinets

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets look worn but are in good structural shape, consider a fresh coat of paint. It is best to remove the cabinet doors first. You will need to sand the current finish down. Then prime and paint. Give them ample time to dry before rehanging. You may also want to consider new knobs to continue the updated look.

Refinish Counter-tops

If your current laminate counter-tops are in good structural condition and do not have any blistering or buckling, you can easily prepare the surfaces and apply a new coating all within a weekend. First you need to sand the counter-top. Next you will need to clean it, mask off surround areas and then begin rolling on the new coating. You can even add decorative chips to the wet coating for an added look.

Cement Repair

If you sidewalk or driveway has cracks or holes, you can repair them. Hairline cracks require just a touch of cement, and it acts likes grout to repair the crack lines. If you have larger cracks and holes, you will need to clean them first before adding the patching compound. Allow plenty of time for the area to dry before using the sidewalk or driveway.

These home improvements won’t take long and won’t cost a lot of money, but can help give your home a fresh look and possibly increase its value. Devote a weekend and you will be surprised what you can accomplish.