Three Signs You Need a New Cedar Roof

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cedar roof
Have you thought about cedar roof for your home?

Cedar roofs are praised for lasting a long time and for looking great on your home compared to asphalt shingles. But like everything else in life, they do not last forever. So, the next time you do a visual inspection of your cedar room, you should know what signs you should be looking for. Let’s take a look at the three signs you need to replace your cedar roof.

Curling or Cupping

As cedar shakes age, these pieces of wood tend to warp and distort. While some warping is natural because of the nature of the wood, too much distortion can cause a leak or shingle damage to your roof. As the shingles become damaged, you may notice curling or cupping on your roof. This happens when your cedar roof is exposed to the elements like heat, UV rays, and rain. But if the cupping and curling begins to expose the underlayment beneath the shakes, it is time to replace your roof.

Split Shingles

Along with age and elemental exposure, your cedar shakes can also split. These splits can happen suddenly or over time and are a definite sign you should replace your roof. Splitting shingles leaves your roof’s underlayment exposed and vulnerable to the elements.

Rot, Moss, or Algae

Unlike asphalt shingles, cedar is a natural material and therefore susceptible to water and sun exposure. As it is exposed to the elements, your roof may start to soften and break down like any other wood. You may also start to notice rot, moss, or even algae starting to grow on your roof, especially in cool or shady locations with a lot of rain or water exposure. If you notice frayed or split bottom edges, fuzzy or furry textures, or discoloration, it is time to replace your cedar roof.
These are just some of the signs you should replace your cedar roof. For more information on protecting, repairing, or replacing your cedar roof, call Chandler Remodeling today!

Replacing Your Cedar Roof with Chandler Remodeling

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