What to Expect During a Siding Replacement?

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Siding Replacement
In just a few short days, your home will look just as beautiful!

You may have noticed your siding has been cracking and chipping for a while and now it is finally time for a siding replacement. But while you have had a window replacement and even a roof replacement, your siding has lasted for years and you have no idea what to expect from your siding contractor. Well, that is where we can help. Let’s take a look at what you can expect during your siding replacement.

Expect Demolition

During your siding replacement, the first thing that will have to happen is demolition. Your existing siding will need to be torn off in order for the new siding to be installed. This demolition can happen one of two ways. Your siding can either be removed all in one day then the contractor will come back to install the new siding or the contractor will remove one wall of siding at a time and replace the siding as they go. The second method is typically employed during extreme weather because it limits to home’s exposure to the elements like wind, rain, and extreme heat.

Repairing the Sheathing

Once the old siding comes off, your old sheathing may have to be repaired before the new siding is installed. Sheathing is inexpensive but you will have to pay for some additional labor. Sheathing is the insulation layer between the siding and your home’s outer walls. This material also is used to hold nails and screws while providing racking resistance. Sheathing is not optional. If your existing sheathing is damaged in any way, it will need to be replaced before the new siding it installed.

Installing the Siding

The final step of the process is to install the new siding. During this process, you can expect siding to be stacked somewhere in your yard for a short period of time. Most siding it installed in two to three days. But if you have a larger home or are installing a special siding, it may take a little longer.

If you have never had a siding replacement on your home, the idea of it can be scary. But when you are in capable hands, there is nothing to worry about. For more information on your next siding replacement, call Chandler Remolding today!

A Siding Replacement for Your Home with Chandler Remodeling!

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