High End Windows & Doors Make The Difference

High quality products and a high quality installation from Chandler Remodeling will look beautiful and protect the home for years to come.

Although many homeowners are understandably concerned about the aesthetic value of their homes, this should not be the most important consideration when choosing new doors and windows. Low-quality windows and doors can be a substantial drain on a homeowner’s wallet and can even create a weak point in the structure of the home. A cheaply manufactured or poorly installed window or door can result in structural damage and cause tremendous energy inefficiency. As with all building projects, a little extra money invested up front can go a long, long way.


Quality windows don’t compromise. They effectively blend style, energy efficiency, and durability with these three components.


How to Find a High Quality Window

1. Framing

No matter what framing material is used, a good quality window frame will feature top of the line aesthetic choices in finishes and colors to match the interior and exterior of the home. Some high end window manufacturers offer a combination of framing, so homeowners can have vinyl on the exterior, and rich wood finishing on the interior.

2. Edge Glazing

A good quality window will have quality edge glazing. The edge glazing and spacing is responsible for providing a moisture barrier, accommodating thermal expansion, and sealing in energy while preventing condensation. Advanced systems in edge glazing will maintain durability of the window and will never leak.

3. Glass

The window itself will be high quality glass. Energy Star rated windows are tested to ensure they are energy efficient, using a U-Factor rating system. This system measures how much heated or cooled air escapes through the pane of a window. The lower the number, the better.

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How to Find a High Quality Door

A high-quality door should have similar characteristics to a good window, but much more is expected from the functionality of a door. It should have the following traits:

  • Highly customized, high performance materials in a variety of finishes. A good door will be professionally hand stained, then cured to increase durability. The door will be customized to fit the home in a way that allows its beauty to stand out.
  • Ability to withstand a variety of elements. Whether it is an entry door, patio door, or storm door, it should offer treated glass and advanced technology in hinging, end capping, and sealing. Insulated glass should be laminated to protect against wind-borne damage and UV rays. Hinges should be made of heavy-duty materials to resist corrosion, and the trim should be durable as well.

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  • Availability of impact protection options. In areas that are especially susceptible to wind damage and storms, a high quality door should offer some degree of impact protection. Impact shield doors are designed to resist heavy hurricane winds and can even deter break-ins.
  • Warranties. Both windows and doors should come with a manufacturer warranty against sealant failures and glass breakage, so that if any damage occurs, a homeowner’s investment is protected.

You SHould Know

  • High Quality Doors and Windows Save You Money

    Energy Star certified doors and windows keep your home energy efficient and offer tax incentives. They cut down on heated and cooled air loss, and can save homeowners up to $465 annually on energy costs. Additionally, homeowners can receive up to 10% in tax credits for the cost of purchasing Energy Star windows and doors.

  • High Quality Contractors Can Steer You in the Right Direction

    A contractor that provides high-end options for doors and windows will be well versed in all available options. A good contractor like Chandler Remodeling can give customized recommendations for the customer. We will take into account the location of the home to determine durability standards needed for that area.

  • Stay Away From Shoddy Workmanship

    Improper installation and low-grade materials can lead to a disaster. A poorly installed window can lead to extensive leaking and damage to walls and framing, which will cost much more to fix than the window itself. A door that is not installed properly, or that does not have adequately treated glass, can result in an array of problems that can be avoided.

  • Don’t Get Caught In The Rain

    There’s nothing a homeowner wants less than having to deal with a broken door or window during a storm. High quality products and a high quality installation from Chandler Remodeling will look beautiful and protect the home for years to come.  Be open to investing a little extra money up front to avoid costly repairs later.