Window Washing Tips

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Window washing tips
Are you cleaning your windows properly?

As you clean your home, it might be time to think about getting to those windows. Anyone who has washed windows before knows how difficult it can be to get them clean without leaving streaks and water spots on the glass. So how do you get them clean and streak-free? By following these helpful window washing tips!

Gather Up Your Tools

Before reaching for your spray cleaner and paper towels, you might want to think about. If you want to get your windows as clean as possible, you need the right tools for the job. Using a squeegee, you will be able to get that streak-free finish you’ve always wanted. If you need to buy a squeegee, make sure to buy on that will fit your window pane without hanging over the frame. Instead of buying an expensive window washing solution, try using warm water with a little dish soap in it. You’ll get the same results without spending tons of money. You’ll also need two lint-free microfiber towels and a rag. Now that you have all of your tools gathered and waiting, it is time to get cleaning.

It’s in the Technique

The proper window washing technique will get your windows as clean as possible. To begin, use one of the microfiber towels to soap up the window. Once the window is soapy, use the squeegee and make a reverse “S” pattern on the window, working from the top to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, wipe off the squeegee on the rag. If there is any soap left on the window, take a damp microfiber towel and carefully remove the soap residue from the windows. Repeat these steps for the outside of your home, carefully using a ladder to access the higher windows.

To wash your windows, you could also use a specialty squeegee with a cloth head on it called a strip applicator. Washing your windows with these specialized tools will give you a clear view from inside your home. For more information on installing new windows or for more window tips, check out our weekly blog or call Chandler Remodeling!

Window Washing Tips with Chandler Remodeling

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